Membership Administration

Address: Provident Financial Oval, 25 Kennedya Drive, Joondalup, 6027, Western Australia
Postal Address: PO Box 11 , JOONDALUP DC, 6919, Western Australia
Phone:(08) 9300 3611

You can update your contact details online using your username and password to log into your membership profile or by contacting the West Perth Football Club on 08 9300 3611 or by email at

Your 2021 Membership packs will be available early in the New Year.

The West Perth Football Club send out regular emails with updated Club and player information. If you haven't registered your email address with the Falcons, you can update your member profile online using your username and password, or contact the Club on 08 9300 3611, or by email at


Gate Entry - Entry to a West Perth home game is via the Les Fong gates at  Provident Financial Oval Joondalup -  25 Kennedya Drive, Joondalup WA 6027.

Whinnen Dempsey Grandstand - Seating in the upper level of the Whinnen Dempsey Grandstand is for the exclusive use of West Perth members. You will be required to show your current 2021 Membership Card to gain entry to this level.                                               

Blocks A, B, and C in the lower level of the Whinnen Dempsey Grandstand are for the exclusive use of West Perth members and supporters. Visiting team supporters wishing to sit in the lower level of the grandstand, must sit in Blocks D and E only.

Tom James Stand - Is available for West Perth supporters and opposition supporters to use.

Parking - Free parking is available at HBF Arena, Joondalup.

Membership Terms Of Service


Member Terms and Conditions

The West Perth Football Club reserves the right to cancel a membership at any time if, in the Club's opinion, a Member engages in disruptive behaviour which is deemed prejudicial, or likely to be prejudicial, to the interests or reputation to the game, Club or any of their sponsors.

Please review the Club's Code of Conduct for further information.